Build It is written for Builders & Property Developers who have a business that is performing reasonably well and showing signs of growth but need some extra help to get them to the next level.

What Is Covered In Build It?

Build It Will help you resolve the 3 biggest problems facing builders and property developers today:


Financial Intel

Understanding your financial reports and best way to use them to make the right business decisions to help you increase your profitability.



Choosing the right structure for you and your business to minimise tax.



Implementing the right systems to better manage your money and end up with more money in your bank account.

What’s Inside The Book

We all want to live a lifestyle that enables you to have more money in your pocket and more time to use it, any way you choose.

Build It delivers that promise in a quick, easy, and systematic manner that will serve as your guidebook for growing and scaling your business, and getting the most from your efforts within your business.

This book demystifies financial management in a simple and practical way. This is a book that focuses on the real issues facing businesses and targets those issues in a simple, five-step framework any business owner can implement.

Mastering the five secrets will ensure you have a plan for the future, be structured appropriately, meet all your commitments and have the best systems in place for
building a financially rewarding, tax-efficient, lifestyle business.

Finally, there is a book for ambitious business owners in the building and construction industry to help them avoid financial pitfalls, increase their profits and take control of their businesses and their lives.

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About the Author

Tony Dimitriadis is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) and has successfully run his tax and accounting firm, AD Partners, for over fifteen years. In May 2014, he established his financial planning company, AD Wealth. He has also published a range of articles offering simple and practical tax and business advice online at

Tony’s extensive qualifications and experience in the financial and business sector have enabled him to help hundreds of businesses to greatly improve their financial position and establish future… Show more

“I have efficiently structured over 500 Businesses to minimise their tax, protect their assets and to help them grow and have established future planning initiatives for over 100 of my clients to create real long-term wealth through high-growth investments.”

Tony Dimitriadis

Certified Practising Accountant, Co-Founder of AD Partners

Feedback From Our Readers

For any Builders out there, BUILD IT and the money will come, is a must read, I can recommend it. Well written Tony.
Joe Fiala - Manager Strategic Relations (Vic/Tas) - Dial Before You Dig
Dear Tony, This is a very serious, important and interesting work, where there is not a single superfluous word that is speaks about the value of this book, even for subsequent generations! Such a book can and should even become the main reference book for Investors - Developers, where even marked the "points of connection" to the relevant experts. With "connection points" your book gets even more value!
Boris KhazinskyManaging Director at Bonico Development Group Pty Ltd.
I have been in practice for 15 years and Build it and the money will come is the first book I have read that deals with building and property development. I like the way Tony discusses strategy, structure, compliance requirements in clear no-nonsense language. I have already referred this book to my clients and would recommend this book to anyone wanting to take the plunge in a building or property development business.
A well written insightful book that provides a step by step guide to assist in the early stages of your business. It assisted with accepting to delegate and planning ahead.
Tyrone Kennedy - B.Eng MIEAust - Director
“I have been a client of Tony’s firm, AD Partners, for many years and the tools and insights that he shares in his book have helped me enormously in my building and property development business. Not only does he make it simple and easy to understand financial management, he and his team continuously support me to ensure I have a successful business.”
Darren McInnes / Director - McInnes Homes
“Most Accountants I meet around the world are general in nature. They are trying to be all things to all people. What I like about Tony is he is extremely focused on the building sector. By being this focused he can go deep on methodology, advise based on what other clients have done and add tremendous value to his clients. This book is an example of his focus.All builders should buy this book and listen to Tony’s advice”
Rob Nixon – Entrepreneur, Author and global expert on Accounting firms.

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“Your money needs to be managed correctly, right from the beginning. If your business is not structured right to suit your particular situation, then you are destined to lose money from day one.”

Tony Dimitriadis

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“In this book I will teach you how you can better financially manage your business so that you have more money in your pocket to fund the lifestyle you want.” Tony Dimitriadis